Rio Sambodrome Guide

The Sambadrome is divided into 13 sectorsThe value of the tickets of each sector depends on the position and overlooks theAvenueThe odd-numbered sectors on one side and the other pairsThe numbers increase towards the end of the avenue.

All sectors consist of stands, stalls and cabins (luxury suites). The stalls are in front of the bleacherstaking its queue A, the nearest laneSambadrome paradesThe cabins are located between the sectorsand also above the stallsjust behind the row Dproviding an excellent view of the parade area.

You can buy tickets for any sectorTaking into account the cost-benefit sectors located in the middle to the end of the parade are the most privileged in terms of vision of the showwhich makes them more expensiveThe increase in price is arguably offset by the spectacle before his eyes.

Only the bleachers sector 09, popularly known as Tourist Sectors or Sector noble offer numbered seatsThey have great views.Ticket prices for these sectors are higher because they are more organizedand you will have your place reserved for all nightunlike other stands.
Sector 1 has only stands, and is located in the area of concentration where the samba schools are organized and warm up before youstart. Tickets for this sector are not marketed, but data by schools to their community.



Getting to the Sambadrome

As a suggestion for your arrival at the Sambadrome is the best possible way and also safer, offer a service Transfer the Sambadrome. Check our prices.
You can also arrive by subway, bus or simply taking a taxi. Remember that these means of transport will leave at a distance from the Sambadrome will require some walking time.
There is no connection between the odd and even sides. His route to the Sambadrome will depend on your industry.

Subway (or Metro)
Works all night loing on Carnival days, with 10 minute intervals. It's fast, but crowded on Carnival days. It is the best option to make it closer to the Sambadrome, compared with regular buses and taxis without credentials (in order to get close to sambadrome taxis or transfer have to have a special credential, and regular taxis and Uber usually do not have it).

Pairs Sectors
The best access to the station is even sectors Praça Onze. Once outside the station, turn right twice and then move on. For sectors 10 and 12 take Rua Carmo Neto and walk down Av. Salvador de Sá. You will see the Sambadrome quickly.

Odd Sectors
The nearest station is Central. Get off that chart and follow the flow of people, for surely most will be heading to the same place as you. The station that less than one km from the Sambadrome, and along the way you will see the famous floats Terreirão Samba.After going through them, turn left and continue until you find your industry, identified by large signs highly visible.

When you arrive
Doors open at 19h00. The parade starts at 21:15h. Some people who do not have assign seat usually arrive early to get a good spot (in grandstand the lower steps).
The opening of the parades is taken by King Momo, which crosses the avenue greeting the spectators.

How to Dress
Use whichever you prefer. There are no rules or regulations about what to wear to the parade of Samba (remember that people in Rio relaxed even wear clothes to go to events more sober). Celebrities and distinguished anonymous occupying the stalls tend to produce a little more. In the stands the rule is to be as informal as possible. Use very light clothes, as usually is warm throughout the night, but choose to use dark colors to not be visibly very dirty. A raincoat is not a bad idea, because it should be considered the possibility of a summer rain.

The Sambadrome is located in the region known as the birthplace of samba. Begins at Avenida Presidente Vargas, near Praça Quinze and ends at Rua Frei Mug. The large square at the end of the avenue is crowned by an immense and memorable concrete arch, called the Apotheosis Square. The avenue was named Teacher Darcy Ribeiro, considering that it was he who devised the parades on a fixed structure, as previously structures were assembled for the event. This is a walkway about 700 meters long.

There are bars with food and drink, bathrooms in each sector Sambadrome. Also, everyone has access to free area, a space that exists behind the bleachers at the Sambadrome, where with restaurants, ice cream parlors, souvenir shops and more bathrooms.

In the days of the parade, the Sambadrome is considered the safest place in South America There is a very high concentration of international celebrities, politicians and members of royal families from the crowd. The Sambadrome is surrounded by huge grids for which none can pass without being searched for security and commercial reasons.

What to bring
Be prepared for the fact that only sandwiches and snacks like pizza, cheeseburger and brazilian appetizers will be available at the Sambadrome. You can also take plastic containers for drinks and foods, such as sandwiches and fruit. Itens made by glass and fireworks are prohibited.
Umbrellas are not a good idea because it can easily disrupt the view of anyone behind you watching the parades. A raincoat is better idea.
Another choice is to take binoculars to get a better view of the parade.
You can take any type of camera or video camera manual (professional video cameras, however are not allowed), etc.., Is completely safe within the Sambadrome. But be careful! Only display this equipment within the area of the Sambadrome, avoid showing them off Sambadrome.