Where is the Sambadrome?

The Sambadrome is located in the region known as the cradle of samba.
It starts at Avenida Presidente Vargas, near Praça Quinze and ends at Rua Frei Caneca.
The large square at the end of the avenue is crowned by an immense and memorable concrete arch called the Apotheosis Square.
The avenue was named Professor Darcy Ribeiro, considering that it was he who idealized the parades in a fixed structure, since previously the structures were assembled for the event. It is a walkway approximately 700 meters long.

How to get to Sambadrome?

Ticket Rio Carnaval has transfer packages in partnership with the Alliance.
You can also go by regular bus, taxi and subway.
At the exit of the parades you will find taxis between sectors 9 and 11.

What time does the Sambadrome open the doors?

The doors open at 6pm.
Some people who do not have tickets to numbered places usually arrive early to secure the best seats.
The opening of the parades is done by King Momo, who crosses the avenue to greet the spectators.
On average one person attends a number ranging from 3 to 5 samba schools. So, arriving around 10 pm you will arrive at the time when the party will have reached its peak.
If you have a grandstand ticket, no place marked and healthy enough for the 12-hour marathon, arrive early and sit where you want.

What can I bring?

Be prepared for the fact that only sandwiches will be available at the Sambadrome, for those who bought bleachers, lane chairs or belts.

You can also carry plastic containers with drinks and some foods, such as sandwiches and fruits.
Styrofoam, bottles, glass and fireworks are prohibited. Umbrellas are not a good idea as they can easily disrupt the sight of anyone behind you watching the parades. night of the parade is very long and goes until dawn, some people take small cushions to sit and watch more comfortably at the show.
As a precaution, always carry toilet paper, as throughout the night it becomes scarce in the bathrooms of the Sambadrome. Another good request is to bring binoculars to get a better view of the parade. You can take any kind of camera or manual video cameras (professional video cameras, however are not allowed), etc., it is totally safe inside the Sambadrome. CAUTION! Just display these equipment within the Sambódromo area, avoid showing them outside the Sambadrome.

How to dress?

Use whatever you prefer.
There are no rules or rules regarding what to wear for the samba parade (remember that people in Rio wear casual clothes even to go to more sober events). Celebrities and illustrious anonymous occupying the allocated chairs and luxury suites tend to be produced a little more.
In the bleachers the rule is to be as casual as possible.
Wear light clothing, as it is usually warm all night long, but choose to use dark colors to keep them from getting very dirty.
A raincoat is not a bad idea as it should be considered in the event of a summer rain.

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How do I receive my tickets?

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What are the gifts offered by Ticket Rio Carnaval?

2020: ALL THE TICKETS receive the FOLIA KIT 2020
Ticket Rio Magazine with the relation of all Rio blocks + Paper Fan + Rain Cover + Inflatable Cushion greater comfort in the seats of the Sambadrome.

Note: The free gifts can be changed without notice.
The free gifts must be removed along with withdrawal of tickets.

Can I cancel my order?

Cancellation / repentance policy:

7 days running
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